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A Glance At The History Of Scented Candles

Scented candles have been around for quite a while.

From lighting the way centuries ago to brightening residences with home scents, they have traveled a fair bit in time, leaving us all in awe.

When was the advent of scented candles? How did scented candles first come to be? How were they used through the years?

Find out all that and much more as we take a trip into history books to uncover the fascinating story of scented candles!

Early Years Of Civilization

Early humans used fire as their main source of light. With time, they realized it could be channeled and more controlled with the use of candles.

Hence, traces of the candle can be found from 5000 years ago!

Egyptian Era

The Egyptian civilization is credited with many developments in their era.

Although the candles they used were made of animal fat and plants, they are still very close to how we perceive the modern candle.

Chinese Influence

Animal fats did serve the illumination purpose, but smelling candles were still very much a problem. This led to the innovation of several types of fragrant candles by the Chinese.

Therefore, scented candles were already in use well before they became luxury home scents.

Roman Wick Candles

A few thousand years later, in the Roman era, the wick candle was first introduced. By dipping rolled papyrus into melted fats or beeswax, they give the candle its modern shape.

Into The Middle Ages

By this time, candles had found their way into many European homes. However, the popular candle fragrances in China were still a rarity here.

This brought about the reign of scented beeswax candles — an exclusive item that became a symbol of wealth and power.

Arrival Of The Light Bulb

With light bulbs and electricity completely transforming how the world was powered, candles were hardly needed.

As a result, from 1879 to around a century later, scented candles were all but lost.

The Reemergence

The 1980s saw the revival of the scented candles. This time their purpose was different.

Coming in all shapes and sizes, the best scented candles were mood-setting and calm-inducing products. Moreover, with the fragrant oil properties, they filled the air with aroma and serenity.

To this day, they stay in trend as decorative pieces, housewarming gifts, and mood enhancers.

Your Own Bit Of History

We bet you had no idea scented candles had such a fine tale to tell.

Add a bit of story and fragrance to your home too.

Embrace Bath Bombs of Love’s finest lemongrass and blueberry pie candles among various other best scented candles that can liven up an any and all spaces.

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