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A Look Back At The Strange Bathing Rituals

Our bath times today are quite fun and pleasurable, right?

Whether you prefer a quick shower or a hot tub bubbling with the best bath bombs and scented candles, there is no end to how and when you enjoy the bath.

However, in the past, bath times were nowhere like this.

Yes, of course running water and electricity are a privilege introduced fairly recently, but in history, some baths were just weird.

Self-care was definitely a thing but sometimes people took the all-natural body wash quite literally!

Wondering just how strange bathing rituals were?

Let’s test the waters.

Very Close To Nature

Over the years, there have been many natural remedies for skincare.

From goat milk for skin to healing honey, ancient civilizations experimented with their baths quite a bit.

One such item they found to be the best natural soap for sensitive skin and anti-aging at the time was crocodile dung! We definitely wouldn’t recommend you tried this out for yourself.

Many centuries later, another unconventional animal product, horse broth, gained popularity all over Europe. It was thought to boast numerous health benefits, particularly for young children.

Royal Experience

Luxury bath bombs might do the trick nowadays, but historically, royals took their baths to another level altogether.

Behind Queen Cleopatra’s unparalleled beauty was a unique routine. She had a milk bath prepared with rose petals and honey.

Social Gathering

You may have heard of public paths, but the concept never seems very charming, does it?

Apart from the fact that having a personal bath was a luxury only the rich could afford, joint baths were a very social event.

People gathered to discuss their daily affairs, finalize business deals, and even enjoy their day off! In Ancient Rome, they made their baths highly entertaining with libraries and live performances.

Fully Clothed

Queens’s baths are traditionally popular for their special attention and preparation.

Marie Antoinette adorned her bath with many natural soap scents such as sweet almond, pine nuts, and lilies.

However, the most interesting aspect of the bath was not her perfumed fragrances. Rather she is known to have her baths in her bathing gown up to her neck!

Make Your Bath Memorable

Thankfully, you don’t have to experiment with nature the way the ancients did.

Now, you can fully enjoy your bath with colorful bath bombs, natural soaps, and lotions.

Select your favorite bath essentials, including, natural soaps, bath bombs, scented candles, and body butters from Bath Bombs of Love, and treat yourself to memorable baths!

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