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Aromatherapy Hacks You Can Use Anyday

Be it natural soaps, scented candles, bath bombs, or body butters, essential oils have become a part of our daily essentials.

Why shouldn’t they? They’re loaded with benefits, easy to use, and don’t contain any side effects as synthetic skincare products do!

Today, we’re going to introduce to five ways you can incorporate aromatherapy into your routine and make daily self-care a breeze.

1. Say Goodbye To Headaches

Stress, overwork, or too much going on at home – does it seem like the headache just keeps following you around?

Not anymore!

Essential oils, such as peppermint, rosemary, and lavender help soothe headaches.

You can try rubbing peppermint oil gently on your temple area or add lavender bath bombs into your tub and soak in the aroma.

2. Scent Up Your Laundry

When you pop smelly, sweaty clothes into the washing machine, they do come out clean but the odor still remains.

Mixing up essential oils in your laundry not only gets rid of the bad smell but adds a pleasing fragrance to it.

Add in lemongrass essential oil and try your best to resist not immediately putting on those freshly washed clothes!

3. Sleep Like A Baby

Are there nights when you simply can’t sleep, no matter what you do?

Well, there’s one thing that will work like a charm – lavender!

Before you head off to sleep, having a relaxing bath – pour lavender bath bombs in the tub, or treat your skin with lavender natural soap.

Soon after, you’ll be enjoying sweet dreams in your sleep!

4. Make Your Skin Glow

Don’t opt for chemical-based products that only fuel irritation and itching in the long run.

From their anti-inflammatory properties to cleansing benefits, essential oils, such as sweet orange, lavender, and peppermint are all the skincare you need to breathe a new life into your skin.

5. Keep The Mosquitos Away

It's almost summertime – sunshine, beaches, ice creams, and barbeques await.

But there’s one unwelcome visit you’re not prepared for: mosquitos!

Essential oils are the fix for this too. They act as a repellent, keeping those insects away and saving you from the trouble of constant itching and discomfort.

Use peppermint or lavender and enjoy the summer outdoors!

Make Life Easy With Essential Oils

Never knew aromatherapy could be so simple and useful? Well, now you do!

Head over to Bath Bombs of Love and explore the best bath bombs, natural soaps, body butters, and scented candles filled with essential oils and all-natural ingredients!

Embrace essential oils. Transform your life!

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