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Best Ways to Use Your Bath Bombs – Outside the Bath

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you’d know all about the bath bomb trend.

These bath fizzies are dropped into a tub full of water, resulting in a splash of colors and a beautiful, hydrating bath time.

Unfortunately, not all of us are the kind of people who prefer long baths submerged in tubs.

Does this mean we cannot use bath bombs – at all?

Of course not!

Bath bombs are quite handy and have several uses.

Let’s look at the best ways to use your bath bomb, outside the tub:

Pedicures with Bath Bombs

While you may not want to soak your entire body in a tub of water – who’s stopping your feet from having a little fun bath time for themselves?

Opt for a pedicure at home by lining all the essentials: shampoo, cuticle-cleaner, nail-filer, foot scrub, pumice stone – and your favorite bath bomb!

Add the bath bombs in water and brighten up your pedicure experience with a bit of color and a lot of scents.

Our suggestion: Choose Lavender Bath Bombs for a surreal (and Instagram-worthy!) experience.

Scent Up Your Home

We know bath bombs have an amazing smell, and you can put it to good use.

Take a bowl of water, add your favorite refreshing bath bomb to it and let it dissolve. Once it’s done, pour the water into a spray bottle – and scent up your home!

A lemon bath bomb especially works great as an air freshener for your home.

Décor with Luxury Bath Bombs

For those who are always in the search of new and quirky ideas to uplift their home interior; best bath bombs are a great way to do so.

Take a decorative glass bowl and fill it with aesthetic and colorful natural bath bombs in a dome-like-shape.

Not only will the newest décor item smell great, but it'll also set you and your home apart – by offering a wonderful bath bomb rendition of the usual potpourri.

Some colorful bath bomb choices for this endeavor could be a bright Sweet Orange or pink-ish Peppermint bath bomb.

Have Your Clothes Smell Amazing – Always

Do you hate the smell of clothes that have been in the cupboard or drawer for too long?

With the best smelling bath bombs, you don’t need to experience that anymore.

Simply take a zip-lock bag, add a bath bomb to it, and keep it in your drawer.

As the fragrance of the bath bomb meets the air within the drawer, your clothes will reap the benefits as they begin to smell amazing!

Jump on the Bath Bomb Bandwagon

While bath bombs may have “bath” in their name; they come with many fun uses.

Now that you know some of them, let’s embrace the bath bomb trend – and get creative!

Browse through the best bath bombs collection of Bath Bombs of Love and have your pick.

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