DIY Bath Bomb Molds

Updated: Mar 10

Who doesn’t love watching bath bombs frizz after they erupt in the bathtub?

They create a magical sensation and enchanting lagoons in your very own bathrooms. If you are captivated by bath bombs and love making them yourself, we have amazing tips for you.

DIY Bath Bomb Molds

You can save a lot by using everyday household items as molds for your DIY bath bombs.

Get creative with them and make dazzling bath bombs.

Cookie Cutters

As cookie cutters do not have a solid base, place them on a leveled surface before starting. Stuff the mixture inside the cutter and press it to ensure affirm structure. Level the top, remove the cutter and you are good to go.

Shot Glasses

Shot glasses can be used to create interesting and creative bath bombs. Fill the glass to the top and level it off. After that, turn it over and slightly tap the base to take it out.

Popsicle Molds

Use popsicle molds to make flat bath bombs. You can add a popsicle stick as well to make them look more innovative and interesting.

Muffin Tins

Muffin tins allow you to create multiple bath bombs at the same time. You can use any shape or size that you have available at home.

Measuring Cups

Be careful while selecting the suitable cup size for your bath bombs. Go for 1/3 or ¼ cup for your project.

Air Tight Bags

You can put the mixture in a bag and push towards the bottom edge with the help of your hand. Roll it up tightly to create bath bomb sticks.

Beverage Caps

Beverage caps are an optimal choice for making shower frizzes and bath melts. Ensure that cap is properly cleaned before using it.

Ice Cube Trays

Just like the muffin tray, the ice cube tray is an amazing mold choice while making a large number of bath bombs.

Emptied Makeup Containers

You can use your old makeup containers to create artistic bath bombs. Wash the container thoroughly to remove any leftover residue.

Silicon Trays

Silicon trays allow you to create versatile bath bombs on a large scale.

Take Away

You don’t need fancy expensive molds to create aesthetic bath bombs.

Look around your house and get creative with everyday items.

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