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Exploring Different Cultures Through Fragrances

Ever walked by a restaurant and the aroma just invoked the memories of your childhood?

Or has a fragrance candle left you reminiscing the time spent with a loved one?

Scents are like that. They carry thoughts and feelings in the air.

For someone, they may have one meaning, for another they may tell a different story.

Likewise, fragrances hold a very important place in various cultures and religions around the world.

Want to find out if your natural soap and bath bomb scents make people feel the same way around the world?

Let’s journey around the world in fragrances.

Middle East

From Arabs to Persians, scents represent an integral part of their culture. In fact, the Persians were the first to extract perfumes from flowers.

Since then, middle eastern people have made it a routine to anoint themselves with Oud — their traditional fragrance created from a variety of flowers and trees.

Whether they are participating in a religious ritual or enjoying a social event, smelling good is a priority.


Home to numerous natural remedies, natural scents are embedded in the religions and traditions of the subcontinent.

They use jasmine or rose scents for offerings at their temples and believe smoked fragrances keep away evil spirits.

India also boasts the finest aromatic essential oils that are used in scented candles and organic soaps.

Far East

Taking the lead in introducing fragrant candles, the Chinese have always been particular about their scents.

From refreshing tea scents to fruity and flowery ones, their choice of fragrances varies with climate.

On the other hand, their neighbors in Japan are more reserved with their fragrances with balanced choices such as white florals. Moreover, wearing perfume is usually associated with special occasions.

Europe and Americas

Grasse, the perfume capital of the world is located in Europe.

It’s fair to say this part of the world has been leading with modern innovation in perfumes, bath bombs, and scented candles.

Also, compared to other regions, Europeans prefer bolder scents, such as woody or floral ones. They are considered both romantic and a very non-subtle form of expression.

Americans share the preference of bold scents with Europeans. Vanilla or strawberry fragrances rank as the most popular ones in the continent.

Moreover, with brands like Ralph Lauren and Chanel thriving, perfumes are very much a fashion statement.

Your Very Own Culture

Baths are on their own are a dedicated ritual.

If you wish to connect with Asian traditions or explore the scents of Europe during your bath time, Bath Bombs of Love is your ticket!

With an exclusive collection of bath bombs, body butters, scented candles, and natural soaps, travel the world from your bathtub!

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