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Updated: Mar 10

Down Memory Lane

Imagine this, you’re walking in a field with the wind blowing in your hair and as you wrap your shawl tighter against your chest you get a whiff of something citrusy.

Premium Quality and Scented Soaps

Like a princess from a riveting tale, you feel like you’re on cloud 9. You are surrounded with lemon and a hint of an orange-blossom like scent.

A slight, distant note of spice makes you think of ginger and cinnamon tea. Doesn’t that make you feel like you’ll fall in love any instant?

That’s exactly how one feels after using bath bombs of love’s impecable soaps as they heighten the sense of smell so much that it ignites precious memories and all sorts of positive emotions.

Soaps And Scents

After trying the sweet orange soap, one is reminded of the pleasant afternoon tea sessions with a loved one. While everything feels warm and cozy as the smell of freshly baked orange cake right out of the oven fills the air.

Not only will the sweet orange soap by bath bombs of love make you feel like home but also offer numerous many health benefits.

For instance, the sweet orange essential oil is known to reduce stress and have antispasmodic properties meaning it will help soothe sore muscles and inflamed joints

The best-selling peppermint soap is to die for (figuratively, of course). Afterall, we all love the fresh smell of peppermint either if it’s in our food or drink.

But imagine your entire body smelling fresh, minty, and feeling calm. That’s exactly what baths bomb of love wants you to feel after every bath.

It’s All Natural

Bath bombs of love uses organic ingredients in all the soaps. Not only do they buy them from a local, trusted vendor but make sure they’re in top-notch quality with zero side-effects.

Plus, various essential oils, fruits, flowers, and plants are added so that every soap has a distinctive and fresh smell and that your bathing experience is as calming and wonderful as possible.

What makes Bath Bombs of Love trustworthy is the transparency. Every soap has a description of its own along with the ingredients it’s made from so that the customers are aware whenever they apply something to their bodies.

Bargain Prices

What’s admirable about bath bombs of love is the fact of how reasonable the prices are.

If you go on to Instagram or Facebook and explore other brands of soap they’re mostly on the pricier side. However, bath bombs of love soap retails at only 7 dollars! Quality with cost-efficiency. How great is that?


If you’re looking for soaps that do not only leave your skin feeling soft and fresh but helps calm your nerves and refresh your soul then Soaps by Bath bombs of love might just be for you!

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