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How To Look After Your Scented Candles

Whether you want to make your bath ritual extra pleasurable or revel in the gorgeous aroma that wraps everything, one can always count on scented candles and bath bombs, right?

As much as we love our scented candles, we hate seeing its flame burn out – it’s almost as same as seeing our spark go out!

Let us share how to take care of your scented candles and make them burn for longer.

Lifespan of A Candle

Since time immemorial, perfumers and candle makers have wondered, “what determines the lifespan of our candles?”

While they wondered, we have found the right answer:

The lifespan of scented candles is determined by:

  • Net weight

  • Quality of the wax

  • Wick length

  • Surrounding environment

Therefore, one must take care of all the mentioned things to ensure their fragrance candles breathe their aroma a little longer.

Limit Burning

It’s no rocket science that you have to burn your scented candle less for it to last longer, right? However, there is more to it.

As your scented candles burn for longer intervals of time, they heat up - reducing the average lifespan.

We recommend burning your candles over shorter periods to make them last longer. But don't overdo it!

Burning a candle for less than thirty minutes can cause digging which is not ideal for scented candles.


When the scent of lemongrass fills a room, everything seems perfect and serene. It feels as if nothing can go wrong in the world, and all our worries dissipate into nothingness.

Even the tiniest of impurity that gets trapped in scented candle’s wax could ruin the fragrance.

It is essential to keep your candles in a clean and dry place and clean if any impurities get stuck to them.

Be Cautious of The Wick-ed Ways!

Trim the wick regularly. The wick must be cut 0.5-0.8cm above the wax level. Make sure to use a sharp and thin pair of scissors to get the job done.

First Burn

How long your scented candle lasts also depends on how good the first burn was. It is important to burn the candle for at least three hours to liquify the first layer completely for the first time.

Getting A New One

There will come a point where your candle is reduced to 5mm. This is the point you should indulge in some pleasure shopping and get yourself a new pumpkin pie or a peppermint candle to replace the used smelling candles.

Embrace Scented Bliss

Scented candles, natural bath bombs, and some light music are all one needs to unwind after a long day and detox mind, body, and soul.

To light your own scented candle and discover the magical wonders of aromatherapy, head over to Bath Bombs of Love and make each bath an experience of a lifetime!

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