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Natural Soaps: Your Line of Defense Against COVID-19

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, life has been very different for all of us.

Unfortunately, even after a year, it feels like it's taking forever for things to return to normal.

But if one thing has changed for the better, it’s our hygiene habits.

Washing hands or cleaning home surfaces were chores we never took too seriously and now we give them our full attention.

From natural antibacterial products to natural hand washes, we've incorporated them all into our daily use.

It has been a welcome change - one that's going to help us all in the long-term.

Wondering just how important natural soaps are in your defense against the novel coronavirus?

Let’s find out!

Breaking Down The Virus

We all know we should be washing our hands regularly – especially when we come into contact with an object or surface possibly touched by others.

During the start of COVID-19, we were very particular about opting only antibacterial soaps to serve that purpose.

But experts say your homemade natural soap or regular soap work just fine to keep the virus away.

Whether it is a natural foaming hand soap or bar soap, its job is to break down the protective layer of viruses and make them lose their ability to survive.

Effective and Holistic Protection

Our skin isn’t used to all the handwashing we’ve been doing.

With inorganic and synthetic soaps, it begins to dry, weaken, break.

Natural soaps are the perfect fix. They keep your skin smooth so you don’t have to think twice before washing your hands.

Plus, with a scented natural peppermint soap or sweet orange soap, you can enjoy multiple benefits including smelling good all the time!

Easy Solution

Sanitizers emerged as a very popular choice to keep ourselves protected from the virus.

But the truth is, for a sanitizer to kill virus particles, it must contain at least 60% alcohol. Whereas any natural soap can do the job effortlessly.

So, not only would have to search for an effective sanitizer, but you also won’t be doing your skin any favors.

Cleaning Surfaces

Your hands, body, or any surface in your home — natural soaps work in the same way weakening the virus and reducing its survival chances.

Without having to find specialized cleaning agents, you use your natural soap with a bit of water and be at ease knowing your home is clean and virus-free.

Defense and Skincare – All in One

At Bath Bombs of Love, we make fighting the virus fun and easy with our exclusive natural soaps range.

Go natural. Stay safe and healthy - now and always.

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