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The Magic Of Body Butters

Updated: Jan 19

Got dry and itchy skin?

We don’t blame you.

The air pollution, weather, grooming habits, and skin conditions can cause increased dryness and irritation.

But that’s only when you don’t use the right skin hydrant to keep your skin radiant and fresh.

What is the key to hydrated skin, then?

Body Butters

Body Butters: The Ultimate Miracle Your Skin Craves!

If you have been a fan of cocoa butter cream soaps in the past – you know what we are talking about.

Today, body lotions take a backseat as body butters claim their rightful seat on the throne.

As compared to body lotions, body butter contains more oil and has a thicker consistency. Some of its numerous benefits include:

  • Moisturizing the body

  • Building a protective layer on skin to protect from dust and air

  • Nourishing the skin with vitamin A, E, and F

  • Reducing wrinkles

You couldn’t possibly go wrong with an all-natural body butter.

Choices, Choices: What is the Best Body Butter?

If you were buttering your skin lately with a shea butter bath bomb or shea butter baby soap and wish to up the game with a rejuvenating body butter post-bath, you need to choose the right body butter.

There is no need to go on a search just yet, as we give you the best two natural body butters out there:

1. Vanilla Coconut Body Butter

Is there any skin need left untended by Coconut? Nothing comes to mind.

There aren’t many skincare gurus who wouldn’t give credit to coconut oil for being their go-to skin care treatment. Coconut is a great moisturizer and is perfect for anyone with dry skin. It hydrates the skin and makes it look softer while strengthening the protective layer.

This body butter is suitable for all skin types. The coconut oil in it especially makes it perfect for all people with flaky skin.

Plus, the shea and cocoa butter in it can alleviate any irritation and sensitivity in the skin. Plus, if you want to increase the elasticity of your skin, this body butter can do the job.

Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles when you buy this body butter!

2. Peppermint Almond Body Butter

This body butter has got it all. Anything that has peppermint in it is going to calm your nerves and smell great. Plus, combined with almond, the benefits get multiplied.

Why almond? Well, almonds are rich in vitamin E which can deeply nourish the skin and give you clear, soft, and supple skin without any of the chemicals and acids present in most vitamin e serums.

Not only will you smell great, but you’ll also feel the effect of the body butter on your skin – a completely magical feeling indeed!

The Takeaway: Butter Me Up!

Bath Bombs of Love aims to make skincare less about chemicals and more about nature.

Convinced to switch from a lotion to body butter?

Explore our wide variety of the best natural soaps and body butters and experience the bliss of a happy and nourished body.

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