A delicate skin always seeks gentle solutions to nourish and repair itself. The Lavender Bath Bomb is the ideal partner for your sensitive skin and tiring soul.


Let yourself melt away into a world of relaxation and calmness with the mystical effects of Lavender scented bath bomb. Discover a whole new scene of tranquility.


Authentic cleansing agent purifying the body from excessive dirt, oil, and dead skin cells


Size: Small, Large


Looking to unwind after a hectic day?


Gift yourself lavish aromatherapy by Bath Bombs of Love in the form of Lavender Bath Bomb and relax your exhausted soul.


Nothing beats the sensation of pure solitude in a tub of hot water – all by yourself!


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Lavender Bath Bomb

    • Instant dissolving bath bomb enhancing bubble bath experience
    • Fragrant bath fizzer that ensures aromatherapy for mindfulness