Want to make your bath time more satisfying and rejuvenating?


Get yourself a Lemongrass bath bomb to add excitement in your bathe experience.


Immerse yourself in highly fragrant Lemon-scented water and infuse freshness to your soul. Calm your throbbing body by pampering yourself with some exotic sensory pleasure.


Authentic cleansing agent purifying the body from excessive dirt, oil, and dead skin cells


Size: Small, Large


Bath Bombs of Love crafted the natural bath bomb, Lemongrass bath bomb for people with hectic routines, seeking some private tranquil time.


Hydrate your skin and add natural freshness to your delicate skin.


Get the best bath bomb – Lemongrass bath bomb – today!

Lemongrass Bath Bomb

    • Highly relaxing bath fizzer in lemon fragrance enlightening the soul with freshness
    • Instant dissolving advance technology bath bomb with satisfying a fizzing sound