Dry, itchy, and irritated skin is a serious problem that leads to exasperation all the time. The phenomenal Sweet Orange Bath Bomb eliminates all that while enhancing your bathe experience.


Nothing beats the perfection of an aromatic therapy that helps to unwind from a tiring day.

Excavate sensational pleasure to soothe your sore muscles with highly scented and musky Sweet Orange Bath Bomb.


Authentic cleansing agent purifying the body from excessive dirt, oil, and dead skin cells


Size: Small, Large


All it will take is a single use for you to fall in love with the exquisite bath fizzer crafted with adoration by Bath Bombs of Love.


Get some perfect alone time to pamper yourself.


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Sweet Orange Bath Bomb

    • Highly fragrant bath bomb aromatizing whole room instantly
    • Quickly dissolves in water leaving trails of exotic orange color